About Me

Karrie has worked as a Certified Christian Image Consultant since 2010. She also completed Style For Hire’s Image Consultant Training with Stacy London in New York City. She is also a John M. Maxwell Certified Speaker.

Image Consultant and Speaker.

While my education and career path has changed over the years, what has never changed is my love of fashion! I learned to sew in my teen years and loved walking up and down the rows of fabric to select just the right material for whatever it was that I was making that week.

I am thankful that my mother gave me a love of sewing, shopping, and creating my own style! That knowledge has served me well as I have altered my own outfits, made clothing items that I could not find in the retail stores, and assisted clients in evaluating whether an item of clothing they had (and loved) would be worth having a tailor alter for them to create a better fit.

As a wife and mother of three adult children, I have had numerous opportunities to use my sewing, mending, and alteration skills over the years. Becoming a Certified Christian Image Consultant (CIC) through “Fashion Meets Faith” founder Shari Braendel in 2010 was an easy transition for me.

Although Tru U Style is my business, I also worked part-time for “Style For Hire” (a Stacy London owned business based out of New York City) for several years until they closed their doors. Each year, I continue to participate in continuing education in order to keep current on style and color trends. I look forward to working with you to refine and refresh your style!


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